The Center holds its 1st Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting



  One year after its establishment, the Center hosted its first ever Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) Meeting on Tuesday 27th October. The main objective of the meeting was to introduce the SAC and CMDH PIs to each other. In total, 30 professors joined this videoconference, from 8 different countries, and covering a 12-hour time zone. 

  IPS Director General Hong Tang opened the event in presence of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (STCSM) and Communist Party of China Shanghai branch (SH CPC) delegations. STCSM Deputy Director Wenlan Xie congratulated the Center which, he believes, will undeniably contribute to hovering Shanghai into an international leader in the field of microbiology research. Prof. Philippe Sansonetti briefly described CMDH’s basic lines of research and priorities, before each SAC members introduced themselves and their research axis. CMDH PIs were then invited to present their work and answered the questions of the SAC.   

  During the break and open discussion, SAC Chair Prof. Michael Hall gave advice on how to set up and run technology platforms, how to establish a clinical interface and how to encourage communication and collaborations between groups.  

  Prof. Philippe Sansonetti closed the ceremony by thanking all SAC members for attending this kick-off meeting and fruitful exchange. CMDH is looking forward to organizing future meetings, hopefully with all SAC members on site.  


  The SAC is composed of worldwide eminent experts in CMDH key disciplines (innate immunity, microbiome, metabolism and neuroscience): 

  1.       Michael Hall (Chair, Biozentrum, Basel)  

  2.       Feng Shao (Co-chair, NIBS, Beijing)     

  3.       Sonia Garel (Member, Ecole Normale Supérieure & Collège de France, Paris)  

  4.       Liping Zhao (Member, Rutgers University, New Jersey; Jiaotong University, Shanghai)    

  5.       Caetano Reis e Sousa (Member, Crick Institute, London)  

  6.       Eran Elinav (Member, Weizmann Institute, Israel)  

  7.       Meiyu Geng (Member, SIMM, Shanghai)    

  8.       Youcun Qian (Member, SINH, Shanghai)   

  9.       Kenya Honda (Member, Ricken Institute, Tokyo) 

  10.      Nick Barker (Member, A*STAR, Singapore)