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Unit of Experimental Bacteriology - Research Associate in Anaerobic Microbiology


Job Description 

The Experimental bacteriology laboratory (EBL) headed by Dr JM Collard ( is embedded in the Center for Microbes, Development and Health (CMDH). EBL aims to decipher key ecological rules driving the maturation steps of the intestinal microbiota from the neonatal period to the age of 3 when it reaches its steady state.   In a developmental perspective, EBL will identify constraints, environmental clues, and individual/collective dynamics driving the stepwise construction of the gut bacterial ecosystem. On this basis, EBL will address the dynamics of constitution of dysbiosis seen as a stalled maturation process with possible consequences on disease programming later in life. 

To achieve these goals, EBL will develop an innovative combination of culturomics, metataxonomics and single cell analysis to deeply interrogate the construction of bacterial consortia and the resulting prokaryote-prokaryote episymbotic and exclusion events that support bacterial assembly. 

EBL scientists will work in close collaboration with other groups of the CMDH, developing microfluidic and organ-on-chip technologies, gnotobiology, omics and high-resolution photon microscopy.


-A confirmed experience supported by publications in anaerobic bacteriology. 

-The incumbent should be proficient in: 

·         using anaerobic chambers; 

·         cultivating fastidious anaerobes with relevance in human medicine; 

·         using MALDI-TOF MS to identify anaerobic bacteria; 

·         identifying antibiotic resistance determinants in anaerobes; 

·         proceeding to (comparative) genomic analyses of newly-identified gut anaerobic bacteria; 

-Experience in conducting an independent research supported by external funding is an asset. 

-Good professional ethics, personality and morality. 

-Good communication skills in English and Chinese. 


Please submit your application materials in English including curriculum vitae, and references with ID photo to and

This call is valid until the positions are filled.